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The life of every party since 1987

Moments filled with joy are the essence of the journey that brought Borgat® to life. Every bite of Borgat® sweets is about joy, happiness, and living the moments. With the mouth-watering delicious range of sweets, you will always be able to find a Borgat product that matches your mood. Eat it alone or share it with your friends and family, you will always want more!

Welcome to the world of Borgat®


Borgat® Gummies are soo squishy and tangy that once you have them you will always want more. Explore the range of Borgat Gummies and bring out your fun side. Suitable for all ages, Borgat® Gummies are ‘HAPPINESS IN EVERY PIECE’

Sour Candies

Mouth watering sour candy. It bursts into a delicious flavor in your mouth. Grab them and feel the buzz. Available in different flavors.


We have a lollipop for your every mood. Explore the range to know more about our sweet monsters, sour, chilly & 3D-shaped lollipops. You will be amazed..We can guarantee!


Soft and Fluffy, Borgat Marshmallows have a unique texture that melts in the mouth for an indulgent treat. Perfect for barbecue toasting, chocolate fondue and Marshmallow lollipop creations. Available in 2 unique shapes.

Cotton Candies

A very light fluffy confection made from colored spun sugar, it takes you to a magic place in your mind.


Chewing Gums treats that you can eat alone or share with everyone and enjoy with everyone.


Fruity Jelly that is made with 100% natural colors. Best served chilled. Each pack has many flavors, try them all!


A range of Unique Biscuits which you will not be able to forget. Light weight, chocolaty and tasty. Try them now!

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