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You have questions? We have answers!

What makes Borgat products so special?
We at Al-Wefag (Owner of the brand Borgat) attach great importance to quality at the highest level. To this end, we have regular audits carried out at our production sites as part of the quality management system in accordance with the standards set by the concerned authorities & bodies. In addition, an external, accredited laboratory regularly analyzes the marketability of the raw materials and finished products we use. So we guarantee you worry-free snacking!
What type of gelatin do you use in your candies?
So that our fruit gums also get their unique bite, we only use high-quality gelatine obtained from selected beef/bovine sources. To ensure that only the best quality gets into our bags, we have our raw materials tested regularly by independent laboratories and have been rewarded with top marks for years!
Are Borgat products HALAL?
Yes, being a SAUDI Brand ourselves, we respect the religious belief of our consumers. Therefore, the entire BORGAT range of products is HALAL. They are produced with halal-certified bovine gelatin. In addition, we ensure with our raw material suppliers that our halal products meet the halal specifications and that our flavors and fruit extracts do not contain any alcohol.
What type of food starch do you use in your candies?
Potato Starch is the modified food starch used in gummy products. Our Sour Power range is made out of wheat flour and contains wheat.
Where can I find Borgat Products?
Borgat products are present extensively across all major channels. You can find them at your nearest ‘Baqalas’ or Grocery stores and also in all the major supermarkets and hypermarkets. Borgat products are also available across all major e-commerce websites. We are constantly trying to increase our presence and reach out to every single store near you so that you never miss an opportunity to eat your favorite snack.
What Products does Borgat Offer?
Borgat offers a range of products in the sweet and sour segments to delight consumers like you. To know more about our range, please visit the ‘Our products’ tab on the website.
Are your products made in Saudi Arabia?
To provide consumers with the best taste and quality, we have a very diverse portfolio strategy. Some of our products are imported from other parts of the world, A few are repacked and Others are produced here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.